The Le Sirenuse Hotel, Positano, Italy

Le Sirenuse is a five-star classic luxury hotel.

The hotel is situated at the center of the Positano village.

It is considered as a wonderful place for the travelers as they enjoy the Positano and the spectacular Amalfi coast located near to the hotel.

This hotel is renowned because of its breathtaking views. The hospitality in this hotel is highly appreciable as they pamper their guests with care and attention.

There are 58 rooms and four suites in this hotel. Most of the room have a private terrace and balcony. The rooms are furnished with the hand-made tiles on floor and vaulted ceilings. Guests can enjoy the expensive and comfortable furniture in each room.

The ambiance of all the accommodations is relaxing and soothing. Guests love to have a sound sleep in deep and comfortable beds along with the soft pillows. The hotel provides the facilities of pool, spa and fitness club.

The atmosphere of the poolside is relaxing, and peaceful visitors love to enjoy the pool area associated with this hotel. The spa services offered by the hotel includes massages, facial and all sorts of body treatments. They provide the facilities of a Sauna, and a granite Steam bath.

The gym is equipped with the latest accessories includes cardiovascular machines and weights as well as stretching and yoga mats. The food serves by the restaurant named La Sonda is irresectable, and mouthwatering. The swimming pool is surrounded by the comfortable deck chairs and lemon trees.

The light Mediterranean cuisine specially crafted with the fresh local ingredients. The restaurant usually serves the food that is inspired by the culinary traditions of Naples and the Amalfi coast. If you want to relax and enjoy your peaceful holiday’s you must visit this place.

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