The JK Place hotel, Capri, Italy

JK Place hotel is a five-star classic luxury hotel. The hotel is located on an island. This hotel s situated on Seaside and guests can enjoy the gentle sea breezes and the sounds of the ocean. The stunning azure sea is near to the coast of Naples and Salerno that is lies on the remarkable island of Capri.

It has a Mediterranean climate, semi-tropical vegetation, and a great history. Travelers cannot skip the Capri as it is an inescapable area of Italy. You can easily access the nearby shopping malls, beaches and many other attractions such as Faraglioni, Villa San Michele, Grotta Azzurra, Positano, Pompei, and Amalfi while staying in this hotel.

There are 14 rooms and eight suites in this hotel. All the accommodations are spacious and individually furnished with vibrant colors and contemporary designs. The rooms amenities include soft and luxurious materials. The furniture is expensive, and guest loves to sleep in deep and comfortable beds after a long trip.   

The restaurant in this hotel offers Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. The restaurant serves the food on the terrace as well. The terrace gives the view of magnificent Capri Harbour. JK kitchen is a charming restaurant that serves the traditional cuisine. Guests can enjoy the three times meal in the relaxing atmosphere.

The JK spa provides an ultimate wellness experience to their guests. This luxuries Spa provides a perfect environment where guests can experience complete relaxing treatments. The services offered by the spa staff is highly appreciable.

There is a fitness club offered by the hotel is fully equipped with all the gym accessories. Private and personal trainers are available on demands. The trainers provide attention and consultation to the guests and plan a customized workout plan for you during your stay.

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