Hotel Plaza Athenee Became Tourists Attraction

Hotel Plaza Athenee is a five-star super luxurious hotel.

The hotel is situated in the heart of Haute Couture.

The location of the hotel is ideal. Guests can easily access all the must- see destinations of Paris.

The hotel is few steps away from the magnificent Eiffel Tower and River Seine.  There are 154 rooms and 54 suites in this hotel.

The rooms are decorated with the beautiful colors and light which give an elegant, charming and sophisticated effect. Guests enjoy the unique and refreshing atmosphere of each room.

All the rooms have windows that give a magnificent view of the city. The rooms are furnished with expensive furniture, comfortable beds, beautiful linins, soft pillows and warm quilts. The washrooms are equipped with all the toiletries.

The Plaza Athenee hotel has five restaurants. Each restaurant provides different atmosphere according to your moods. The restaurant serves the delicious and mouthwatering cuisine in mesmerizing ambiance.  Guests appreciate the beauty of the restaurant as it is decorated with absolute attention.

SPA For Guests At Hotel Plaza Athenee

The spa offered by the hotel provides a wide selection of facial for men and women. They have a wide range of body treatments, massages, and facials. This beauty complex has five spacious rooms that are perfectly designed according to the need of their customers.

The meeting rooms provided by the hotel are spacious and fully equipped with the latest technology, each meeting and event room has its style and atmosphere. The Plaza Athenee’s staff are not mere employees; they’re more like family, ready to do everything possible to make your stay enjoyable as well as memorable.

The magnificent Eifel tower is the basic attraction for the tourist. If you are planning to visit the vibrant Paris, you should choose the Hotel Plaza Athenee as it takes few minutes to reach Eifel tower.

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