Brown’s Hotel Mayfair, London, England

In the heart of the most luxurious and vibrant city London a historic hotel is located named Brown’s Hotel. If you are visiting London for vacations and wanted to stay in the center of the city, you should choose this hotel.

The Brown’s Hotel has eleven townhouses that cover an area of two parallel streets. This amazing hotel has a rich history as its age now is around 175 years and it was founded by the great former valet to Lord Byron.

The hotel is famous because Agatha Christie stayed here and the famous scientist Alexander Graham Bell revolutionised the world by making the first ever telephone call at this place. The famous writer Rudyard Kipling also completed his “The Jungle Book” at this place.

So, the hotel has a strong and interesting background. As it is situated in the center of the city that is why it is easy to access the other must-see places while staying in this hotel. The staff of the hotel is friendly and helpful. The excellent services provided by the hotel staff is appreciable.

The rooms in Brown’s hotel is stylish and sophisticated. They are furnished with the cream carpets, antique dressers, cozy sleigh beds, high windows and modern lighting. The ambiance of each accommodation is so relaxing that guests love to fall sleep quietly after a long hectic day.

The hotel offers specially designed rooms for kids that are equipped with personalized presents, toys, slippers, gingerbread men and mini bathrobes. All these things provide an unparalleled fun for the kids.

The interconnecting suites in Brown’s are ideal for families who are looking for luxury rooms in London.  The rooms are specifically designs for the children have the beds are decorated with the sheets embroidered with pirates or princesses, toys, biscuits with your child’s name on it and a play tent.

The hotel offers a restaurant that is operated by Brown’s. The chef Mark Hix is a highly trained and professional member of the hotel whose menu shows his abiding interest in ingredients with provenance. They have a verity of international cuisines, and it includes a seafood as well.

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